Progressive Thermal Engineering


Recent Projects

The following is a selection of our recent projects, illustrating the range and depth of services offered by Progressive Thermal Engineering



  Thermal/hydraulic design for a replacement feedwater heater


  Rating and vibration analysis for a sulphur condenser


  Design of condensers for a steam jet ejector vacuum system


  Thermal design of tank heaters for a viscous product


  Design of shell and tube heat exchangers for crude oil desalting plant


  Troubleshooting an air-cooled steam condenser


  Vibration analysis for a disc-and-doughnut baffle system


  Training course: Firetube Waste Heat Boilers


  Thermal design of a replacement thermosiphon reboiler


  Design of a replacement steam dump condenser


  Design of overhead condensers for a pharmaceutical plant


  Troubleshooting water-cooled steam surface condensers


  Investigation of tube failure in a High Pressure Feedwater Heater


  Training course: Process Plant Heat Exchangers


  Training course: Operation and Maintenance of Steam Surface Condensers


  Design and vibration analysis for a gas-gas heat exchanger (disc-and-doughnut baffles)


  Thermal design of a set of air-cooled heat exchangers for a refinery


  Troubleshooting a reflux condenser













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